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Spedition Köllner

Köllner Freight Forwarding - an excellent company

Since decades, Köllner Freight Forwarding is a well-established transport specialist for the chemical and the building material industries.

50 employees are working highly motivated and with the primary objective to accomplish even the most specific and ambitious transport requests reliably, safely and according to the customers' demands.In this way, we have been running our company successfully in national and international freight transportation since 1956, thereby continuously enhancing our transport services.


  • 1956   Foundation of the company by Walter Köllner as a sole proprietorship
    Walter Köllner is conducting transports of building materials, fodder and solid fuels by horse and wagon, with a tractor and later with a Unimog
  • 1959   The first MAN dump truck is ordered and delivered
  • 1972   The first chemical tanker truck is procured. The chemical tanker fleet is growing to a total of three trucks.
  • 1983   A new workshop building is erected on the maintenance and storage facility in Stade-Schnee
  • 1985   Foundation of the “Walter Köllner GmbH -Spedition-“ by the two partners Walter Köllner and Dieter Köllner
  • 1988   Dump truck transports are discontinued. The fleet is adapted to contain only chemical tanker trucks.
  • 1993   The fleet grows to more than 10 chemical tanker trucks, a new office building is built on the area of the depot in Stade, and a second pillar is added: silo transports are conducted for the building industry.
  • 1996   Awarded by DOW-Chemical as best European carrier for transports conducted for DOW-Chemical
  • 1996   ISO 9000ff certification and assessment according to the SQAS guidelines are successfully accomplished for the whole company
  • 2000   The first trucks are positioned at the company location Merseburg
  • 2001   Awarded by DOW-Chemical as best local carrier for DOW-Chemical
  • 2002   Awarded by DOW-Chemical as best local carrier for DOW-Chemical
  • 2006   Continuous expanding of activities and fleet 
  • 2010   Further investment into the fleet: increased use of rubberised tank trailers for acid transport
  • 2014   Sale of the silo department and focus on core business, chemical logistics. The fleet grows to 40 semitrailer trucks.